If you're looking for a BMW for sale in Orlando, you may already know that you should visit Fields BMW Orlando. We have a wide selection of new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned BMW vehicles for you to choose from, including the 2017 BMW X3. What you may not realize, however, is that we have a BMW parts department and a BMW service center on our premises that can help keep your vehicle running the way it should. 

One of the things every car owner must do to ensure their vehicle works properly is check the tires regularly. Bringing your car into our BMW dealership near Winter Park to have your tires inspected at least once a month provides two valuable benefits. First, it will help keep you safe on the road because we'll be able to tell if your tires need to be replaced or the air pressure in them needs to be adjusted. It can also give you the opportunity to save money because we'll inspect your car for minor problems that could have grown into costly ones if they hadn't been spotted early.

The tread on your tires enables your vehicle to grip the road. Over time, the tread on your tires wears down as you drive. When the tread is worn down too much, it can be dangerous for you to drive because your car is more likely to lose contact with the road, especially when there is rainwater or snow on the road. The tread on your tires is what cuts through water and snow so your vehicle has traction. When your tires are too worn, they cannot provide the traction that they are supposed to in inclement weather.

When you need BMW service in Orlando and you visit our BMW car dealership, we'll check the tread on your tires for you. Each passenger and light and heavy truck tire has built-in indicators or wear bars. These wear bars enable our technicians to visually determine whether or not the tread on your car's tires is too thin. In general, if a tire's tread is less than 2/32nd of an inch, it's necessary for you to replace it.

Incorrect tire pressure and improper alignment are two avoidable causes of premature tire wear that our service technicians see too often at our Orlando BMW dealership. By bringing your vehicle to Fields BMW Orlando every month, you can prevent the tread on your tires from wearing down too quickly. We can make sure your tires last as long as they should by checking the pressure and adjusting it as necessary. We'll also correct any alignment issues your automobile has so that they don't shorten the working life of your tires.

If you're in the market for a vehicle like the BMW X3, or your current car needs a part or service appointment, visit Fields BMW Orlando. We're here for all of your automotive needs and we can help prolong the life of your tires by inspecting them regularly for you. Visit our BMW car dealership to have your tires checked today!

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