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The brakes on your BMW are essential for both safety and performance. Brake health is something that you want to take seriously, as not keeping up with brake service can have harmful consequences.

Here at Fields BMW Orlando, our mechanics perform brake service and repairs every day, but we also are happy to share our tips on how to make your brakes last as long as possible.

Use OEM BMW Parts

When it comes time to replace your brakes, it's important that you use only OEM BMW parts. These parts are manufactured by the expert engineers at BMW and are designed to fit your specific make and model. On the other hand, aftermarket parts may not even fit correctly in your car and may not last as long.

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re driving a BMW 3 Series, BMW X5, or another model, one way to preserve your brakes is to monitor how you drive. Brake pads wear down more quickly if you repeatedly slam on them, so instead of stomping on the brakes at a stop sign or traffic light, start to slow down well before you stop.

Coast, Coast, Coast

Pay attention to the flow of traffic when you’re behind the wheel and coast whenever you can to lower your speed. Coasting instead of braking preserves your brakes. For instance, if you’re driving uphill toward stopped cars, why bother hitting the brakes? Instead, coast up the hill, lose some speed, and brake when you need to.

For more brake tips and service, pay a visit to Fields BMW Orlando today. We want to make sure your brakes serve you well for years to come!

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