Clermont, FL: Advanced Technology Offered by BMW

The BMW brand's commitment to the driving experience has never faltered, nor has its reputation for quality and luxury. At Fields BMW Orlando serving Leesburg and Clermont, we take pride in the cars we sell, like the BMW 3 Series. Discover BMW's most innovative traits that continue to inspire passion worldwide.


Sustainability is a quest without an end date and is something that BMW is committed to with every action. Long before the concept of "going green" was on everyone's radar, BMW stepped up with its first all-electric car in 1972. 2012 saw the introduction of the 1 Series ActiveE in Europe and the U.S., and the unique i3 made its appearance a year later 2013. The company continues today with sustainable production facilities and innovations like hybrid electric vehicles and a hydrogen-powered 7 Series model.

Autonomous Driving 

Creating better drivers is just as much a part of the game as building better cars. Imagine piloting an autonomous BMW, utilizing technology that aims to enhance safety and convenience rather than take control. Innovative autonomous driving from BMW is designed to help the car become an extension of you, adding to the joy of the drive.


From the mid-engine M1 in 1978 to the BMW 3 Series sedans that proved daily driving doesn't have to be boring, BMW is dedicated to performance. A founding partner of Formula E, an all-electric international single-seater street racing circuit; 2014 BMW also built a perfectly balanced, two-person bobsled, followed in 2016 by a carbon fiber, high-performance racing wheelchair. So, what's up next? Stay tuned for details about the innovative BMW Vision M NEXT.

Are you ready to discover the BMW 3 Series or test drive a BMW X3 in South Orlando? Visit Fields BMW Orlando near Clermont to experience it for yourself.

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